PLUS Loan with Bad Credit?

Question: I need a PLUS loan for son's last semester of college, but my credit report is not good. Can I get one with bad credit?

If your credit is bad, you will only be able to get a Federal PLUS Loan by finding a credit-worthy co-signer (grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.).

However, did you know that, when a parent with bad credit is turned down for a PLUS loan, then the student/child is eligible for an unsubsidized Federal loan (in his own name) of up to $4,000--even if he has other loans already out in his name? You need to speak to the financial aid officers at your son's college to get more information about how to proceed. We don't know if the $4,000 (which is the absolute max allowed in such cases) will go as far as you need it to, but since you're only talking about one semester, perhaps it will do the trick.

Good luck to you. We hope this works out for you.