Physics for Future Business Major?

Question: I will be a high school senior in the fall and would like to major in business in college. Does the business major require physics?

Although “The Dean" can't speak for every college in the universe, I have never heard of physics being required for a business major. Some colleges require business students to complete a liberal arts “core," which might include one (or even two) college-level science-related classes. But these would not have to specifically include physics, and these choices also have nothing to do with the classes that you do–or don't–take in high school.

There are a handful of business programs, such as this one at Drexel University, that combine business and engineering (see and thus expect students to take both business and science classes in college, but that doesn't seem to be what you're asking about.

If you're a prospective business major trying to decide whether you should take physics while you're still in high school, you don't have to worry that it will be expected of you. However, the highly selective colleges do like to admit students who have taken the most challenging classes available. So if you're aiming for such schools, it might serve you well to choose physics instead of a less demanding class, even though it won't be required for your future major or career.