Penn Admission with 30 ACT?

Question: Is it possible for me to get into a highly competitive school, like University of Penn, if I have an ACT score of a 30 (34 in math, 33 in English, 27 in reading, and 24 in science)?

It would be irresponsible for “The Dean” to assess your admission odds at the University of Pennsylvania (or anywhere else) without a lot more information. But, as you may already suspect, a 30 ACT is a notch below the median range at Penn.  Thus, in order to be admitted, you will probably have to bring a “hook” to the admission process.  For instance, are you the first in your family to go to college? A student of color? A recruited athlete? Do you have a unique story to tell (e.g., about growing up in a homeless shelter or on a houseboat?) Have you published a novel or won Teen Jeopardy?  Have five generations of family members gone to Penn (and donated generously thereafter)?

When an applicant’s test scores are at the lower end of the median range or below it entirely (as yours are), then admission odds are not good without other pluses on the application to balance out the deficiencies.

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