Penalty for 10-Minute-Late Transcript?

Question: I had trouble submitting my Self-Reported Academic Record, or SAR, because I couldn’t figure out my password. I eventually got it, but I can’t remember if I successfully turned it by the December 1st deadline. If I happened to turn it in up to ten minutes after the deadline, is there still a chance I could get accepted into the University of Florida?

Even in Florida (a state where drug trafficking can be a capital crime), this slight delay spawned by a tech snafu shouldn’t have any impact on your admission outcome, so don’t worry.

However, “The Dean” advises ALL college-bound students to check with admission offices about two weeks after materials are due to make sure that EVERYTHING arrived safely, unless, of course, you have already been notified that you’re all set. (Many colleges now have Web portals that allow you to check this.)

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