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Parents' College-Search Fears

Parents, if your child is currently in the midst of his or her college application process, you are likely involved on some level. Some of you are more involved than others. In fact, some of you may well be the driving force behind that process, if you child isn't overly enthusiastic about all the time and effort involved in a proper admissions campaign.

Along with your managerial oversight inclinations comes a certain amount of anxiety about choice. You may be wondering whether or not your son or daughter has the right perspective about choosing college candidates, particularly in the area of why s/he wants to apply to certain schools. "Coolness" (whatever that means) is quite popular as a reason to aspire to specific colleges. Sports is another big reason. Who wouldn't want to attend a school that dominates in football or basketball? Of course, another (and perhaps the most dreaded) reason is because that's where the current love interest is applying to or attending. Talk about giving parents indigestion.

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