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Parents Can Help with SAT Prep

Parents, how much are you involved in your child's college process? There are many ways you can lend support. First of all, you can communicate openly about finances. This will keep expectations realistic. Why allow your son or daughter to go to the trouble of applying to a school that cannot meet your family's financial need without piling on loan debt? You can also facilitate college visits. As I have said many times to students considering certain schools, "You've got to trod the sod!"

Perhaps one of the more important services you can offer is lending a hand with their efforts to prepare for standardized testing, mainly the SAT, especially around the time that summer is coming to a close and school is back in session. This is when many high school juniors and seniors – and their parents – should be turning their attention to the college admissions process. A student's SAT score is one of the most critical components and is often the first filter colleges and universities use to determine eligibility.

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