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Orchestra Program or French Program This Summer?

Question: My junior son needs help making a choice between two summer programs. One is an orchestra training program of 8 weeks and the other is a French immersion program of 5-6 weeks. He is in the IB diploma program at school in Canada, and wants to go to an Ivy. Both programs are free and intensive. He had a great experience, musically and socially, at the same orchestra program last year. Although he does not intend to major in music, violin has been his passion for a long time. The problem is that the orchestra program is too time consuming to do other tasks during the summer before college applications. As for the French program, he is not sure about it, although he feels a need to improve his French. The program is shorter and--in my opinion--more practical in terms of preparing for his senior year and later for college. He needs to decide very soon. Thanks for your advice in advance.

When viewed through an Ivy admission officer’s lens, both of the programs you described will be considered “worthwhile” but neither will turn heads. They are each very much standard fare on “elite-college” applications. If your son’s primary objective is to wow admission committees, then these options will not fit the bill. But if he wants an experience where he will be happy and engaged, then it sounds like the orchestra program should be the winner.

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