Orchestra or Other Focus for Aspiring MD?

Question: Hi. I am a freshman in high school and I am currently taking orchestra. I am in the middle class orchestra at my school between the worst orchestra and the best orchestra. I was wondering what colleges want to see in a possible candidate for their school. I want to become a doctor. I kind of thought to myself that maybe something else for 4 years would be better looking than orchestra. I was thinking of doing AP Statistics in Sophomore year if I don't do orchestra but other than that i am not sure. Thank you.

If you enjoy orchestra, you should stick with it and not worry that you're not in the top group. But if you're lukewarm, you can rest assured that dropping orchestra in favor of other academic or extracurricular pursuits will not hurt your college admission prospects and may, in fact, help them. College admission officials see a ton of “orchestra" listings on applications. While all the college folks would agree that playing in an orchestra or band is a worthwhile use of a teenager's time, it's very rare that student musicians stand out in the crowd when admission decisions are being made. There are simply too many of them. At the most selective colleges and universities, some applicants have amazing music credentials … even world class. So, the more selective the school, the harder it is for young musicians to set themselves apart from “competitor" candidates.

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