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No, I'm not Dave Barry, the former and funny Miami Herald columnist and author, or the other Dave Berry, the English pop singer whose big hit was The Crying Game. I'm merely a crusty veteran of the college admissions wars. I've been down in the trenches for 20 twenty-some years, as both a parent of college applicants and as an independent admissions counselor. Across those two decades, I have seen some amazing—and disturbing—trends develop, some of which have managed to work their way into our culture, for better or worse. This blog is my opportunity to blow off (blog off, if you will) some of my steam about these trends . . . and other college-related items.

I'm blessed to have such a high-profile venue from which to pontificate (or bloviate, as some of you will say). “Venue" can be defined as the locality where a crime is committed or a cause of action occurs. I prefer the latter half of that definition, although there will be those who judge my words as the former part. Regardless, I plan to say what's on my mind. You can always comment, of course. So, I'll get straight to it...

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