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Oops! Will MIT Keep My Email About Cal Tech?

Question: I am in 11th grade and wondering if admission officers keep your emails. I recently sent an email to MIT and accidentally wrote "a student interested in Cal Tech." I straightaway sent another email to apologize, but now I feel super upset and super worried. And do the colleges share the emails they receive with other colleges? Thank you

Many colleges will keep all materials that pertain to an applicant in that student’s folder, so this would include every email as well. However, because you’re just a junior and not yet an official applicant, your message may not have been saved. (Some colleges do hang on to this stuff in a general file and then add it to a student’s personal file once he or she officially applies. I don’t know how MIT operates, but they will definitely NOT share your email--or any other application materials later on--with other colleges.)

In any case, don’t sweat the snafu. MIT admission officials realize that, given their miniscule acceptance rate, MIT candidates must not only be smart but also smart enough to apply to other schools. I promise you that, if you don’t get into MIT, it will not be due to this one small screw-up.

(posted 2/8/2012)