Online College Classes for Rising 9th Grader?

Question:My kid is going to attend high school in the upcoming September.  During the summer, he enrolled himself at a state university via their online program (they allowed 8th/9th graders to enroll in college courses and earn college credits) and is currently taking two first-year college courses.  We plan to encourage him to continue doing so in the upcoming summers for the next three or four years.  We did this in order to let him have direct experience with college courses (rather than looking at waiving those courses when he indeed goes to college).  Will this be an effective way to boost his college application in general?  If he scores only B or C on those courses, will that backfire and hurt his application?

College admission officials like to see that students have challenged themselves by taking college level courses and they also are pleased when teenagers spend their summers engaged in worthwhile pursuits. So, by taking these online classes, your son will be doing both. That could be a plus when he applies to colleges, but here are some caveats:


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