Online Classes to Supplement Vocational Program?

Question: My son is  a 10th graders who is hoping to participate in a half day vocational program offered by our school district for his junior and senior year.  However, doing so would mean he could only take 3 academic classes each year.  He would be able to meet the requirements for our state’s high school diploma, but wouldn’t have space to meet some of the “extra” requirements that many schools list as requirements, like 2 years of the same foreign language, or taking math senior year.

 One thought I had is that he could take an extra 1 or 2 classes each year online through an accredited online high school program to meet these requirements.  However, our high school wouldn’t accept these classes for credit, so they wouldn’t appear on his official transcript.  We’d need to send in separate transcripts showing those courses.

 Do you know if colleges would accept these courses to meet the requirements?  If it makes a difference, he’s probably looking at either less competitive state schools, or smaller less well known liberal arts colleges.

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