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On-Campus Interviews for High School Sophomore?

Question: I am a sophomore in high school and my sister is a junior. My parents have scheduled some college trips for her during our April break, and I am going, too. My sister is having interviews at three of the colleges we're seeing, but it's my understanding that interviews are not available to sophomores. However, all of these colleges are really far from our home, and there's no way that we'll be able to go back again next year or when I'm a senior. So should I try to schedule interviews, if I can?

Most colleges do not interview sophomores, but sometimes this policy can be flexible when there are extenuating circumstances such as yours. Contact the admission official in charge of your geographic region at each of the schools you'll be seeing. (The admission office receptionist can give you the name and contact info, if it's not on the Web site.) Tell him or her about the family trip and ask if an exception might be possible. In doing so:

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