Preparing for College

Old or New SAT for Class of 2006?

Question: I will graduate from high school in 2006 and am deciding whether to take the new and/or the old SAT I. I am at the top of my class and plan on attending an elite college. The Princeton Review recommends taking only the new SAT while Kaplan strongly suggests taking both. Is it worth studying for two different tests or should I just focus on the new one? I am worried about the time and, especially, the cost of prepping for two tests.

You ask a good question, and much time and energy (along with many keystrokes) have already been expended as counselors, teachers, and admission officials debate this issue.

Just as Kaplan and Princeton Review hold differing views, so, too, do many other experts. We advise you to take only the new SAT. Don't waste your time (or money) prepping for both. While many colleges will accept results from either test, some have indicated that they will accept (or at least prefer) the revised version. Thus, we suggest that you direct your energies toward preparing for that.