How Can I Make Up for Lower Grades in Online Courses?

Julia M. Cameron/Pixels

I have a question about my academic performance. My school has decided to adopt a virtual testing format to offer us exams. It turned out I don't do well with virtual exams, but in my opinion, my school didn't carry out virtual classes effectively. I encountered numerous technical issues throughout the past few months and it affected my learning progress. I understand that I shouldn't find excuses for bad grades, but how do I explain this extenuating circumstance in my application? Also, what should I do next to compensate for the bad grades? For example, will good SAT and SAT Subject Tests cancel out the negative impact of bad grades? I'm going to apply to the Ivies and top liberal arts schools. My GPA was fairly good (I got A's and B+'s) before the virtual learning, but I have a couple of C's from the online semester.

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