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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: October '13
It’s that creepy time of year again, when frightening things crawl out of the woodwork. That’s right: it’s time for MIDTERM PROGESS REPORTS! (Just pretend that’s in a horror movie font… our designers are very busy.) Right now, students are beginning to look at their transcripts through the eyes of prospective colleges—and that can be a scary sight. But never fear! Punch is here to help you Monster Mash your way to a successful fall term, complete with tips for nailing the perfect Halloween costume. Priorities, right?

What the Student Loan Interest Hike Means for You
If you failed to notice when, in July, Congress doubled the interest rate on subsidized Direct (formerly Stafford) Loans, you’re not the only one. With the rate stuck at a crappy 6.8% for the time being, families explore what it could mean for their college planning.
5 Steps to a Killer Halloween Costume
You’re not seriously thinking of dragging out that tired five-dollar witch’s hat for this year’s Halloween parties, are you? Ditch the overdone and come original with Punch’s scary-good tips for stealing the show—and the door prize.
Why Do Boys Score Higher than Girls on the SAT?
This question, as old as the test itself, continues to spark debate. Considering that girls on average score higher grades than boys—both in high school and in the first year of college—something just doesn’t add up. Join the CC conversation.
Top Risks of Pulling “All-Nighters”

Sure, there will be draconian professors, pop quizzes, flaky group members, social events, and a million other reasons to forego sleep in college. But if you’re gonna burn the midnight oil, at least know the consequences.

Top 100 World Universities

Do college rankings mean anything beyond postgraduate water-cooler bragging rights? Join this CC conversation to find out… and see if your school makes the cut, of course, so that you can brag around the water cooler one day.

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