Nursing Career for Adult With Business Degree


I am an insurance adjuster interested in becoming a nurse. I am 42 years old, so my SATs from the 1990s are long expired (I think). What steps would I need to take to go to nursing school? Do I have to take SATs as an adult? Do I need to start a BA over again, or is it possible that some of my classes from my original BA (in business) will work for this? I'm just looking for a short instruction to get me started since I have no idea where to start.

Congratulations on your plans to earn a nursing degree. Heading back to school can be daunting for someone who hasn't been in a classroom in decades, although 42 sure sounds young to “The Dean!" As you've noted, your SATs are no longer valid (they're only good for five years) but you will not need to retake them because you already hold a bachelor's degree (phew!). The fact that you have a B.A. also means that you don't have to start from scratch. Many nursing schools have designed programs for students much like you -- those who initially pursued a different field but now want to change direction as adults.

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