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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: November '13
There’s no time like the holidays to get us obsessing about money, and crazy as it seems, they’re right around the corner! With the Jan. 1st FAFSA deadline looming near, how’s your financial situaish looking? This month, we’ve got a veritable buffet of money-saving advice—plus a tasty new webinar series, stuffed to the gills with expert tips—so grab a turkey leg, and let’s get this pilgrimage started, Punchers!

Should Parents Let Frivolous Son Go Broke?
Tough love; does it light a fire under frivolous college students or pave the way to financial ruin? Help a CC parent decide whether to ration son’s monthly funds, or hand it all over and hope for the best.
4 (Avoidable) Costs Draining Your College Wallet
There are certain aspects of college funding beyond your control—like the rising cost of tuition and your family’s income. All the more reason to cut costs where you can, starting with these four common wallet leaks.
Should Parents Borrow Just Because They Can?
CC user collegehelp sparks a debate over whether parents are selling their kids short by refusing to borrow loans to finance their education. What’s your take?
If All Colleges Were Free, Where Would You Go?

There’s a bit of an “If I won the lottery…” conversation going on over at CollegeConfidential. If tuition were free from Princeton to Iowa State, which school would you choose?

Student Loans: Truth, Lies & Lessons

We’ve all heard the popular theories: “But student loans are good debt!” and “I heard the government is going to forgive everyone’s loans!” Is there any truth to them, or are they just a way to make ourselves feel better about being in debt?

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