Notifying Colleges About School/Curriculum Change

Question: I moved school right after my winter break in my senior year because I did not enjoy going there. But the problem was that the old school’s second semester starts 3 weeks after the winter break and new school’s second semester starts right after winter break. Therefore, I chose to move to new school and did not get the 2nd quarter credit from an old school. (I did get the 1st quarter credit though) Right after I moved school, I got an acceptance letter from a college that I really wanted to go. My question is if there is any chance of getting rescind by a college due to this transfer and my vacancy of 2nd quarter credit.

All the courses I was taking in senior year were extra courses. I had already fulfilled my required credits.

Whenever a student makes ANY sort of academic change after applying to college (even if it’s something minor– like switching from a cooking class into woodshop–and even if all graduation or college-entrance requirements have been completed), it’s imperative that colleges be informed right away.

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