Northeast Colleges With Rolling Admission

Question: Do you have a list of colleges in the Northeast that have a rolling admission policy?

The only list I have is this one, below, compiled by our "pals" at Princeton Review. It's not limited to the Northeast but you may still find it helpful. Do note, however, that it's not complete.

Also, be sure that you never take any college guide or Internet source as gospel truth. Always double check information, especially when important issues like deadlines are involved. (For example, some colleges and universities that have "Rolling Admission" also have "Priority Deadlines." These favor students who meet them, often with better chances of acceptance or with first crack at financial aid and housing.)

In addition, check out this previous "Ask the Dean" response that offers another good source of information.

If you use the College Board search engine described in the "Ask the Dean" (it's at ) you can select all of your college preferences. Under "Location," be sure to mark "New England" and "Mid-Atlantic" (or check individual states down below the map). Then, under "Deadlines," mark "Regular application deadline or priority date hasn't passed." When you hit "Results," you should get a decent list of Northeast colleges with rolling admission. I did it just now and came up with 312 four-year colleges to check out further. That's a nice project for a rainy afternoon! Happy hunting!