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Nontraditional Students Go Back to College

My post today is aimed more at parents rather than at high schoolers. Adults who go to college comprise what is generally known as the "nontraditional" college student demographic. Over the years, I've toyed with the idea of returning to college for a number of reasons. Although many returning adults these days are doing so to gain advanced employment skills, my motivations are more in the area of increased knowledge.

I regret that I goofed off in some of my undergraduate courses, such as religious studies, anthropology, German, and a few other so-called "distribution requirements," in which I had little interest at that time. Now, however, at this advanced age, I have the benefit of hindsight and I know that I missed out on a lot of enlightening information back then, when I was just trying to squeak through while putting most of my effort into my major. Hindsight, as they say, can often be 20-20.

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