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No SAT Submission for Bowdoin Applicant?

Question: I'm an upcoming high school senior and my SAT and ACT scores are not stellar. They're slightly below average to average. Despite my scores not being great, I hold many leadership roles at my high school. I am also the founder of a non profit and worked over the summer as an intern for top magazines and non profits and I own my own major company. My GPA is 3.5 (unweighted). Do you think it would be possible to be accepted to Bowdoin if I don't submit my SAT/ACT scores?

If your test scores are "Average" by national standards (and not merely by Bowdoin standards) then you'd most likely be doing yourself a big disservice by submitting them to Bowdoin when you apply. Your safest bet is to take advantage of Bowdoin's test-optional policy and hope for the best.

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