Next Steps for Rising Senior Diagnosed with ADHD

Question: My daughter, a rising senior, has just been diagnosed with ADHD. She has taken the SAT three times before this diagnosis, with scores of 1130, 1240, and 1280, with a superscore of 1330. Her weighted GPA through 3 years is 4.1 (took 4 honors and 2 AP classes junior year, getting a 4.6) but unweighted it is 3.5. So she has done pretty well for herself even with this undiagnosed issue, but we are left wondering what those numbers might look like had she been diagnosed and started with treatment and possibly an accommodation her freshman year.

Two questions: (1) Should she try to take the SAT (or ACT) one more time? (2) How should this new diagnosis be approached, if at all, on her college applications? Thanks in advance.

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