Next Steps for Admitted Early Applicant With a “D” in AP Physics?


I just got into my first choice Early Decision and now I'm starting to worry because it looks like I'm headed for a D in AP Physics. My final grade will come out the first week of January but I don't think there's time to bring it up. Anyway, I know that the college I got into is going to see it, so I have an idea. I am thinking of retaking the SAT to see if I can bring my score up. That way when I tell them about the D, I can also say "but my SAT score came up also." Is this a good strategy so they won't pull my offer?

Here's the answer to a similar question that “The Dean" received earlier this fall. However, your situation is a bit different because you've already received your early verdict from your top-choice college and, above all, it's later in the semester now so you will have little time to bring up your grade.

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