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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: May ‘14
This month in Punch: Juniors get expert advice on practice tests and essay writing; CC users debate new financial aid policies in two states; the 2014 list of commencement speakers is revealed; and much more!

The Importance of Practice Tests'
How will I do on test day? Have I learned everything I need to know? Am I familiar with the tests’ formats? Can I sit still that long? There’s only one way to quiet those pre-test jitters: complete a full-length practice exam! Here’s how.
5 Steps to Essay Excellence
LEAP owner and college-prep expert Lisa Mader shares five steps for crafting a thoughtful, effective admissions essay. See how your draft stacks up so far.
Florida’s In-state Tuition for Illegal Immigrants
A recent New York Times article explores whether Florida’s new financial aid policy promotes tolerance or encourages border jumping. Weigh in with other CC users.
Tennessee Offers Free Tuition to Graduating Seniors

TN lawmakers are working to approve "Tennessee Promise," a plan to cover the full cost of two-year college for every high school graduate starting in fall 2015. So…what’s the catch?

Best College Commencement Speakers of 2014

Who’s giving the commencement speech at your institution? This year’s list reveals some of the usual suspects plus a few wild cards.

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