Campus Life

Your New Collegiate Universe

If you’re about to leave for college or are already there as a first-year student, your experiential life is about to change … big time … especially if you’re going to school reasonably far from home. There’s no owner’s manual for first-time college students.

Yes, maybe you have an older brother or sister who has given you some insights about what college life is like, but that can’t compete with actually being there, on campus, as an enrolled student, subject to all the physical, social, academic, and psychological effects of college life. It can be true culture shock.

One of the best ways to handle the challenges of college life is to be prepared for some of the more typical situations that may arise. Roommates (dorm life), food, dating, friends, and professors rank high on the list of variables with which you’ll have to deal. I thought I would give you some personal and actual student advice on some of these issues. Hopefully, this will ease your transition from your bedroom to your dorm room.

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