How to Network If You're An Introvert


Networking. The one word that makes my students cringe each time I mention it -- and I mention it a lot in my coaching sessions. No matter what college you attend, you will inevitably hear about networking and how important it is to your job search and career success. Although networking is a challenge for most people, it is especially so if you are an introvert. At least that's what you probably believe.

Networking is about meeting and engaging with people, and if you are an introvert, that sounds like an energy-draining activity. That may be because you don't know how to approach it in your own way. Similar to any other activity, success in networking depends on using what works for you and not what works for others. According to Devora Zack, an introvert and author of “Networking for People Who Hate Networking," introverts are reflective, focused and self-reliant, and need to be aware of those characteristics to maximize their networking experiences.

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