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National Youth Leadership Forum or Brown Summer Program?

Question: Thank you in advance for whatever help you find yourself able to give. My predicament is as follows: I am in 10th grade, and I've normally been a perfect student, but at the beginning of my second semester, I was diagnosed with insomnia... Joy (I write this past midnight). So my math grade has dropped, terribly. This is undoubtedly my last year to be accepted to anything worthwhile, in the way of summer programs. Regardless of my "career aspirations" I need to weight my college application. I've been accepted to Summer@Brown and invited to the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine, and I'm unsure which to attend.

Which carries more weight with admission officers? I know Summer@Brown is an open-application-type program, and NYLFM is invitation only, and in the past 10 years, 8 students from my school have attended, some of them valedictorians, and all of them notable. NYLFM also gives college credit at George Mason, while Summer@Brown does not give any college credit.

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