My Prospective Recommendation Letter Writer Barely Speaks English!

Question: I have known my employer since grade 6, and she knew me especially well. Now, I want to add her to my supplementary recommendation list, but unfortunately her English is very bad. Is there any way to get around this?

If your employer speaks English poorly but can still express herself well enough in writing that she will be understood, then you don't have to worry that choppy grammar or occasional misused words will work against you. College admission officials are accustomed to plodding through letters from non-native speakers and may even be charmed by some of the errors. But, if you worry that your employer's English skills are too limited to be comprehensible or, especially, if you suspect that, due to her language shortcomings, she will write a brief and superficial letter that doesn't adequately reveal all of your outstanding traits, that's another story.

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