My First Choice Requested Quarter Grades From Classmates But Not From Me -- Is This Bad?


I applied early to an Ivy League school, and I won't hear for a few weeks. They haven't contacted me. This wouldn't normally be a problem, but a few kids I know HAVE been contacted by this school requesting first-quarter grades. Is it a good sign or a bad sign that I haven't been contacted?

During this purgatory period between application deadlines and decision notifications, it's inevitable that anxious seniors will search for signs of what's to come. (“My white socks just turned Harvard Crimson in the wash! Is that an omen? Well, okay, maybe they're more like pink.") So keeping close watch on “competitor candidates" is almost unavoidable, too. However, it's impossible to know for sure why your classmates were asked for first-quarter grades and you weren't. Colleges and universities don't all approach the assessment process in the same way, and thus there are several explanations for your situation. For instance:

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