Must I Submit SAT Scores AFTER Acceptance?

Question: I got accepted to UNCP with just my ACT score. I haven’t took the SAT. Do I still need to take the SAT even though I already got accepted into the college I want?

The University of North Caroline at Pembroke requires either the SAT or the ACT … not both. So, you are all set and do not have to take the SAT. Congratulations on your acceptance.

A word to the wise: I know that the admission process is confusing, and you may have even gotten conflicting advice along the way. But as you head off to college, you will have to fend for yourself more than most high school students typically do. So get in the habit of looking for—and reading—information and instructions carefully. “The Dean” found the answer to your question right on the UNCP Web site in about 30 seconds, and you could have too.