Must I take the TOEFL?

Question: I am a Canadian permanent resident and have lived in Canada for 4 years. I have also attended 4 years of regular high school in Canada. So if I want to apply to Yale, do I need to take the TOEFL? I don't speak English at home, but I go to regular high school and am not an ESL student anymore. So is it still mandatory for me to take TOEFL? Thank you.

If English is the primary language of instruction at your high school, you do not need to take the TOEFL to apply to Yale.

But, if your SAT Critical Reading score is well below the norm at Yale, you might want to try the TOEFL anyway, because you don't speak English at home and you have only been in Canada for four years.

In general, colleges that require the TOEFL from ALL international students whose first language isn’t English will usually waive the requirement when the student has been in an English-speaking high school for four years. And those colleges that still expect a TOEFL from non-native speakers in English-curriculum high schools will commonly waive it when SAT Critical Reading scores are strong. So you need to check each college’s Web site carefully because expectations will vary from college to college.

(posted 1/29/2013)