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Must Daughter With ASL Credits Take Spanish in Grade 12?

Question: My high school junior has taken honors classes throughout middle school, and AP courses throughout high school. She completed two language credits in middle school and one in high school, as well as taking a 4 yr. course in child development which counts as a language credit (for American Sign Language). She is being told by her counselor now that colleges will not look at her sign language credits and her French credit favorably and wants her to take a Spanish class in her senior year. Her college hopes are for a career in clinical psychology with an interest in children - specifically special needs - I believe her sign language credits will be better received (and she wants to become ASL certified at the community college this summer) than a random Spanish credit. She has met the requirements for graduation, but her counselor has scared her into thinking she will not get into a 4 yr. college without it this Spanish class. We live in Maryland, a state which recognizes ASL as an accredited language - she has a unweighted 3.87 gpa. Your thoughts please.

It sounds like your daughter has three years of French and four years of ASL. Is this correct? (Or does she get fewer than four years of credit for the ASL because the curriculum was covering more than language and only two years of French?) Well, in any case, I think that adding a year of Spanish at this point is a waste of time unless your daughter actually wants to do it.

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