Must College Notify Applicant of Missing Document?

Question: Is a university required to adhere to the admissions policy published on its website? My daughter applied to a specific major that required a supplement. She submitted the supplement, but the university now claims they never received it. On the admissions page, the policy states:“If anything is missing from your application file, we will offer you a limited window in which to provide the outstanding information.”

However, the university never informed her that her application was incomplete. They rejected her on the basis of an incomplete application and now refuse to review the matter. They have completely dismissed her. Other kids received notifications that their applications were incomplete. My daughter did not receive any notification and as a result, she was denied the same opportunity to present a full application. This selective notification seems discriminatory and it definitely violates the stated admissions policy on the university website. Is there any recourse here? Is a university required to fulfill the stated admissions policy as presented on its website? Any advice is appreciated.

“The Dean” always tells students in her purview that it is their responsibility to confirm that all admission materials have been received, and it is not the college’s duty to inform them of missing materials.

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