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Music Supplement for Deferred Ivy Hopeful?

Question: I recently applied through Early Decision to an Ivy League school and was deferred. I have a lot of experience in musical theater and singing but little formal vocal training. Would it be beneficial to create a music supplement to submit to the school?

Sorry that you didn't get the news you wanted from your ED college. If it's any consolation, you're certainly in good company because thousands of outstanding students get deferred and even denied by the Ivies each December.

Submitting new information can be a wise strategy for deferred applicants, so your plan to send a music supplement has potential. For Common Application schools, use the Common App arts supplement and follow its guidelines. For all colleges, be sure to check out the application instructions on the admissions Web pages for information about submitting supplementary materials.

However, keep in mind that, at the Ivy and "elite" level. competition is as steep in the arts as it is in the classroom. Before you send your DVD, solicit feedback from a trusted critic (music teacher, professional performer, etc.) You could actually hurt your admission odds by sending material that doesn't measure up to Ivy standards. But don't worry about creating a DVD that is slick and snazzy. Colleges don't care about titles, scenery, etc. Just make sure that it's technically good enough to show you in your best light and that your performing skills will match up to those of other rising stars.

Good luck to you in the Regular Decision round.