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I was looking through some old photographs the other day and came upon one that made me laugh out loud. We were moving our daughter to college for her first year and after we had finished loading up the old '85 Honda Accord, I took a picture of the car. It was ridiculous. Not only was the inside crammed to the point where there was barely enough room for Mom, Dad, and daughter, but the massive cargo on the roof was lucky to be able to pass beneath Interstate overpasses. In fact, things were stacked so high that I called the state police and asked them if there was a height restriction for piles of stuff atop car roofs.

Always one to add a wry comment to any seemingly weird situation, our son, five years younger than our daughter, surveyed the huge, green-tarp-covered pile lashed down on top of the smallish car and pointed to the large area at the front of the tarp, just above the windshield. "Hey, Dad," he said. "You should put a This Space for Rent sign up there." Well, we all howled at that and appreciated the break from the stress of the moment.

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