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Moving to College

It’s mid-August and all across the nation families of their first, about-to-be first-year college students are preparing for a memorable event: moving their son or daughter to college. It’s an event that they’ll remember forever.

I have to laugh every time I think of moving our daughter (our first born) to college. Young women have packing demands that far exceed those of young men. In our case, we chose to use our Honda Accord as the only “containment” vehicle to transport all her needs for that crucial higher education beginning.

So, being the expert packing engineer that I am, I calculated the available space volume and realized that I would need a bit more, so I borrowed from a friend one of those so-called “clam shell” roof-mounted carriers. Once that was in place, we began filling the Accord’s trunk, back seat, and clam shell with darling daughter’s needs.

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