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I guess if you say the title of this post fast, it could sound like "Moron Essays." Trust me; I've seen some moron essays in my day, but the sample I'd like to share with you today is far above the moron class. In fact, the writer of this essay was admitted early to one of The Big Three Ivy League universities. The writer has generously given me permission to share his effort with you. Thus, you should be able to see the advantage of using not only picturesque imagery but also one of my favorite essay elements: humor.

You see, put yourself in the shoes of an admissions officer at a highly selective (let alone "elite" (whatever that means)) college or university. They face a seemingly endless mountain of applications, each with at least one major essay that needs to be read and evaluated. When I coach application essays, I try to impress upon the writer to keep in mind one of the BIG Golden Rules of essay writing: Make yourself memorable. If you can make an admissions officer laugh, or even smile, there's a decent chance that s/he might remember you when it comes time to "make the cut" for acceptance or denial, all other things being equal (meaning that a humorous essay alone won't do much for you if the other elements of your application aren't competitive).

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