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More College Degree Benefits

Along my long and checkered career development path, I've had some ups and downs. I would have long periods of work stability and then the unfortunate effects of a recession would knock me off track for a while. However, the one continuing advantage I carried with me was the power of my college education. More specifically, in light of this blog chapter, it was the networking potential of my university's career services office that gave me a lift when I needed it.

For those of you college graduates reading this, who may have been affected by the past year's economic downturn, I urge you not to forget to explore the opportunities offered by the alumni placement/career services office of your alma mater.

Here's a sample from a brief but interesting article and comments about just how helpful this resource can be:

College career offices aren't just for students and recent alumni. They're also for mid-career professionals who want help with resume touchups, interview preparation, and meeting other alums. Best of all, the assistance is entirely free!

The programs may come through an alumni office, a career center or a service linking both. In September, Bucknell sent an e-mail message to 47 alumni at the collapsing Lehman Brothers, offering the support of the school's career counseling services, a network of 600 alumni in financial professions and a job database. In April, Middlebury College assembled an evening panel in downtown Manhattan - "Career Advice for Tough Times on Wall Street" - featuring graduates at Goldman Sachs and the Blackstone Group, as well as a career services representative from the college.


No doubt about it. These are extreme times for mid-life careerists. So, if your path has taken you into the ditch, put it in four-wheel drive, climb out, and head for your college's career services office. It could make all the difference.

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