Mom is Losing Brain Cells Over Sophomore Daughter's Schedule

Question: Hi! My daughter is a sophomore. She has a good GPA (5.88 of 6.00), but her practice ACT and PSAT need some work (good enough for most schools, but not high enough for selective-yet). I think with some prep, the test issue will be solved. For junior year, she's planning on taking the most rigorous course load the school allows – 3 AP classes and Honors Algebra II. Two problems with this: 1) this schedule doesn't allow her to take the 3rd year of Spanish and 2) this schedule will allow her virtually no time to sleep, much less participate in the extracurricular activities that the selective schools seem to love to see on the application. So, I ask of you, Kind Dean, which is most important – the “rigorous" course work, the extracurricular activities that will make her stand out, keeping that 3rd year of language,or getting more than 4 hours of sleep a night? BTW, summer school isn't offered at her school, and they don't allow the students to take a class at the community college if it's a class they offer at the school (like Spanish III).

My brain cells are fried trying to solve this riddle. Thanks for your input!

Your daughter's health is, of course, the most important concern. So if her academic and extracurricular commitments allow her to only sleep a handful of hours per night, then something's gotta give.

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