Mom, Dad, and The College Process

How things have changed over the generations! The other day, I was discussing the college admissions process with my daughter, who is an AP English teacher in a highly regarded school district. We were comparing notes about the intensity of getting into college these days.

My perspective is somewhat unique, since I have a close association with today's high schoolers seeking to get into highly competitive colleges. I get to know their parents, too. Plus, I scour the College Confidential discussion forum several times every day to check the pulse of students and families. Sometimes that pulse feels like tachycardia!

Anyway, my daughter agreed with me about the ongoing angst that she sees among her students as they aspire to get into the schools of their dreams, many of which are Ivy League and other Top-20 institutions. We discussed what the process was like for her, when she applied to college, back in the late Eighties.

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