Middle School Foreign Language and A-G Requirements

Question: Hi I took Spanish 1 in middle school and when I transferred to another city for high school I took Spanish 2 my freshman year. How does this affect my A-G requirement? What will happen if I take Spanish 3 next year?

A foreign language taken in middle school can qualify for California's A-G requirements as long as the student’s high school accepts it. Since you took Spanish 1 in middle school and then were enrolled in Spanish 2 as a freshman, your high school obviously accepted your middle school credit, and you have met the 2-year A-G “Language Other Than English” requirement. The fact that you moved to a new city doesn’t affect this in any way.

However, the more selective colleges and universities (not just in CA but nationwide) expect 3 (or sometimes even prefer 4) years of foreign language. So, depending on where you plan to go to college, you could be limiting yourself by not taking Spanish 3 next year.