Mid-Year Reports

Mid-year reports are sort of the “other shoe" of college applications, and they're coming due right around this time of year. If you go to Google and search for the term “college mid-year report," you'll find this definition (for those of you unfamiliar with the term):

The Mid-Year Report is an application form that a school counselor typically submits to colleges once a student's first semester (or first trimester) grades are recorded on the transcript. The form itself is usually submitted along with a most recent official transcript.

How important is the mid-year report? Well, it serves more than one purpose. First, for those who have been accepted in the early (ED/EA) application rounds, it provides a window into your ongoing (primarily) academic and (secondarily) extracurricular performance. Colleges keep a close eye on their admits and this is one way to spot any early signs of senioritis, which we have discussed here before.

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