Mid-December Decisions (And Beyond)

Here's some college knowledge that bears repeating every year at this time. So, I'll once again note some of the things that I have said in past years because the facts (and the angst) remain the same.

Of course, I'm talking about admission deferrals. You may be a high school senior this year who just got (or are about to get) a deferral notice from your Early Decision (ED) or Early Action (EA) college. Getting deferred is disappointing. Sometimes getting deferred is more agonizing than being denied admission altogether. Your anticipation level was through the roof as you approached mid-December, the traditional time for ED and EA outcomes to be issued. It's like opening Christmas presents. You never know what's going to be inside. In the case of a deferral, getting that December decision is like opening a beautifully wrapped gift, only to find a small card inside that big box that says, "Come back in the spring and we'll tell you more!" Now, you have to hold your breath even longer.

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