Medical School Straight from High School for International Student?

Question: Can I go to a medical school after a high school if high school in my country is harder than in the US and we can study more biology and chemistry if we want to go to med school?

American medical schools do not admit students who have not attended college, regardless of the practices in their home country. In fact, some American medical schools do not accept ANY international students at all, so check carefully when the time comes to apply.

There are, however, some US colleges and universities that offer combined BA/MD programs or BS/MD programs. Students apply to these programs while in high school, and the programs allow them to go straight from their undergraduate college to medical college without reapplying. Some of these programs require the students to still take the MCAT (which is the standardized med school admissions test) and some do not. Some of these programs are "accelerated" (meaning that students complete them in less than the usual 8 years that it normally takes to earn a medical degree after high school).

But these programs have EXTREMELY high admission standards. Students who are accepted at any of them are almost always at the top of their high school class, have outstanding SAT or ACT scores, have participated in medical-related activities throughout high school, and can clearly articulate their commitment to a career in medicine. And, again, not all of these "combo" programs will admit international candidates (and those few that do are often even more competitive for international applicants than for U.S. applicants ... which is a pretty scary thought since they're so tough for even the domestic applicants!).