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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: May '13
Summer is finally here, and it’s time to get in a college state of mind! So now that you’ve finally got some free time, venture outdoors for both relaxation and research, and since August will be on us faster than sunburn on a redhead, keep a tiny part of your brain focused on stuff like the big move to college and adjusting to aspects of college life, like attendance policies.

Punch is also looking at you this month, soon-to-be seniors. We’ve mixed up an ice-cold pitcher of tips on everything from planning the ultimate senior-year schedule to tackling those all-important entrance exams. Drink up!

12 Random (and a Few Crazy) Facts About the Ivy League
Thought you learned everything there is to know from watching The Social Network? These tidbits about our most prestigious colleges might surprise you…
Parents: Do Your Kids Say Thanks?
From picking up their dirty socks and keeping them safe to paying for, um, everything, we do a lot for our kids. Rumor on CC has it that one day, if you’re lucky, your kid will totally appreciate it—and maybe even thank you!
Oh, So Yah Went to Hahvahd, Smaht Guy?
CC users debate the value of an Ivy League education over more modest—and in many cases arguably, more program-focused and affordable—state and private schools. Are prestigious colleges even worth their outrageous price tags anymore?
Real Talk from a College Guru

Jeffrey Selingo, author of College (Un)Bound, discusses some big trends in higher education today and offers advice for keeping your cool during the college search.

Meet the 8 Professors You’ll Have in College

Sure, it’s a total stereotype that all college professors wear tweed jackets and read leather-bound volumes by the fireplace… but don’t stereotypes exist for a reason? Meet “The Tweed” and seven other profs you’ll most likely have in college.

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