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Mascot Mania

Just for fun, let's talk about college mascots. You've seen them cavorting at most every college sports broadcast on TV. They get passed through the stands on the hands of rowdy fans. They wrestle and tease the opposing team's mascot. They sometimes even toss goodies into the stands for the pleading crowd. In other words, college mascots have a very active and--seemingly--fun life.

I know of one local guy who was his high school's mascot and his ambition was to go on to college and become the mascot there. He realized his dream and was so good that he became something of a legend among mascot fans. The point of writing about mascots here today is that what meets the eye (about mascots) is not necessarily equal to the reality. Who knows what perils and pleasures dwell within the murky mascot world? Well, Campus Grotto does.

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