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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: March ‘14
Sure, March is the season of four-leaf clovers and the “luck o’ the Irish.” But we like to think it’s equal parts luck and hard work that got us this far. That looooong winter was no picnic—and those driveways didn’t shovel themselves, after all! Carry that notion of perseverance into your spring planning. Whether you’re scheduling classes, getting a jump on summer jobs, or weighing offers, remember to thank both good fortune and yourself for the great things that lie ahead—you’ve earned them!

Rejected By Your First-Choice School? Time for Plan B
Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Sound familiar? If you received a dreaded rejection letter, you might be coping with feelings of grief and loss. But know that you really can find a better fit as long as you’ve got a solid backup plan.
Big Changes to the SAT
The tulips aren’t the only things blossoming—the SAT got a fresh 2014 makeover, too. Learn what the test’s substantial changes could mean for you.
Are College Fairs Really Helpful?
CC users share their college fair experiences. Some say it’s the best way to mingle with college administrators. Others say it’s a waste of time. Share your own story.
Helicopter Parents: Safety Net or Spyglass?

The debate continues on College Confidential: If a student is financially dependent on their parents, can they really be considered an adult? Weigh in here.

Test Success: AP Strategies that Work

What’s more awesome than getting into your dream school? Starting ahead with college credits you earned in high school. Get surefire tips for AP success.

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