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March Comes in Like a Lion: Grrrrrrr, Baby!

“What will it take to stop the madness?” CC member upstatemom wonders aloud during a recent debate over whether the college financial aid process is too complicated. Sure, it can be tricky navigating all those forms and deadlines, but you PUNCHers aren’t scared, are you? Even as spring roars onto the scene in a frenzy of SARs and scrambling for scholarship dollars, you have nothing to fear. This month’s PUNCHline: Topple your nastiest money concerns, one precious greenback at a time.

For starters, someone should make it easy to access all the college-bound info you need to start making wise financial choices. Oh, wait… we did that. The new College Confidential mobile app for iPhone and Android is free to download and lets you cruise the wildly popular CC forums, Admit This!, Ask the Dean, and School Spotlight blogs—whenever, wherever. Check out what new users are saying:

  • “As a student who constantly goes on this website, I must say bravo!” – JJ
  • “Better than the mobile site. Very functional and easy!” – TipuRipu
  • “Been waiting for this and it did not disappoint me. Great job, CC team!” – Pinkstar70

Even though Thanksgiving is a ways off, PUNCHers, we’re issuing a BIG SHOUT OUT to those loyal CC friends who had our back in response to recent eyebrow-raising comments made by Andrew Ferguson, author of Crazy U: One Dad’s Crash Course in Getting His Kid into College. FYI, Mr. Ferguson: The College Confidential message boards are hotter than ever. Take a good look—but be careful not to get scorched!

Plus, if you’re looking for a break from the college admissions grind, join not-so-idle chitchat on everything from history’s best and worst U.S. presidents, the worst movies of all time, and one student’s (evil?) plan to cruise campus in a $40,000 car.

Heads up to our Latin American students! If you’re from Chile, Colombia, Brazil, or Mexico, click here to register your FREE spot for the April 9th Latin America Virtual Student Fair! Attendees will have the chance to:

  • Talk face-to-face with U.S. college admissions reps
  • Win one of three scholarships for USD1,000
  • Download videos and e-brochures, even after the fair


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