Do I Have Too Many Extracurricular Activities?

Question: HI! I would like to know if too many extracurriculars hurt my admission odds to elite colleges. I have 7 extracurricular activities I have in mind that I would most likely be doing: Jazz Band, my church's band, my own band, track, cross country, yearbook, and some coding stuff that I like to do (possibly creating an app or website by the end of my junior year). From those activities you could see that I like music, running, journalism, and computer science. I am doing yearbook out of curiosity. Would it hurt to have too many interest, should I drop yearbook, or just simply not list it on my extracurricular list? Please consider that it might be the easiest for me to get an editor position in yearbook and possibly section leader in jazz band.

As you've probably heard through the grapevine, college admission officials are typically more interested in students who have made a major investment in a couple of activities rather than in “serial joiners" who boast of long lists of undertakings but demonstrate no real significant involvement with any.

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